Fixed Fees

Sometimes it is not easy to know how much something will cost, and this in itself can prevent people obtaining the legal advice and services they need.


Marija Higley Your Mobile Lawyer will endeavour to fix all fees wherever possible at the beginning of any matter.  Sometimes this may not be possible in every situation so please contact Marija for further information.

The following fixed fees are for standard transactions only, please contact Marija if you have any questions regarding fees.

Sale or purchase:  $1,290 (incl of GST) plus out-of-pocket costs
(total is usually between $1,600 - $1,750)

Will – simple:  $495 (incl GST)

Will – complex:  $1,045 (incl GST)

Power of Attorney:  $275 (incl GST)

Enduring Guardianship:  $275 (incl GST)

Will suite – simple:  $715 (incl GST)

Will suite – complex:  $1,419 (incl GST) 

(suite includes - will, power of attorney & appointment of enduring guardianship - per person)

Divorce applications:  $825 (incl GST), plus filing fee


Sometimes unusual or previously unknown circumstances can arise during the course of the transaction that can affect the stated fees.  You will be notified as soon as possible if this occurs.

Please note: costs and fees may vary from that stated on this site without notice.  Please refer to the costs disclosure that is sent to you at the commencement of any transaction.